Framed, Chapter 2: 'I will get you': How a PTA mom became the target of a revenge campaign

Danny McBride

Summer TV: 21 shows worth staying in to watch

Summer TV: 21 shows worth staying in to watch

One thing you can say for the summer: It's all just reruns on TV, leaving you room to catch up on shows you've missed or to read or watch the sunset or — sorry, I thought I was back in the 20th century for a second. In fact, as will happen now for the rest of your life, there will be more new series coming betwixt Memorial Day and Labor Day than you can shake a stick at, or could if you had time to find one. Not to mention a giant international sporting event and the craziest election ever squelching like the Blob through the 24-hour cable-news cycle. 

And this is only some of what's coming.

Cleverman (Sundance, Wed., June 1,...