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Edward James Olmos

The American Dream Lives on in Los Lobos

The American Dream Lives on in Los Lobos

Wherever you turn on the Eastside, it seems you'll find someone with something to say about Los Lobos. This story first appeared in print on Jan. 25, 1987.

CESAR ROSAS STARTED UP HIS 1953 powder-gray Cadillac, pulled away from the Virgin of Guadalupe statue and flaming red poinsettias that dominate a corner of his Monterey Park front yard and headed back to East L.A.

The paunchy lead guitarist for Los Lobos -- wearing a black satin, gold-lapelled sport coat -- was relaxed as he drove the familiar stretch down Atlantic Boulevard to his favorite Mexican restaurant.

"We just passed the Kennedy," he said, motioning with his right hand as the car glided...