Hans Matheson

Review: 'Christmas Candle' beams with holiday spirit

Review: 'Christmas Candle' beams with holiday spirit

A religious parable wrapped in a holiday gift basket featuring Susan Boyle, "The Christmas Candle" seems destined to be a Hallmark movie of the week. But in spite of the hammy histrionics requisite for the genre, it is not at all a turkey.

Set in the 19th century, the film stars Hans Matheson of "The Tudors" as David Richmond, who left the pulpit for the Salvation Army after losing his religion. The village of Gladbury comes calling for him to fill the opening for vicar in its parish. Curiously, Richmond accepts after not much deliberation, only to be taken aback by the village's widespread superstition over a long-standing legend that every 25 years a candle...