James Horner

James Horner's recent work: 'Southpaw' and '33' scores

James Horner's recent work: 'Southpaw' and '33' scores

James Horner, who died Monday in a plane crash, is responsible for a long body of acclaimed film work dating back more than three decades. But the prolific composer also has recently been working on a number of projects yet to be released. Most notably, Horner wrote the score for “Southpaw,” a boxing drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal that the Weinstein Co. will open in July. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the film already has a strong music component -- Eminem, who at one time was going to star, wrote songs for it. Horner had said in an interview posted on a fan site that the “Southpaw” score was uncharted territory for him. MORE: Oscar-winning...