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'Scream Queens' recap: Who's got a theory?

'Scream Queens' recap: Who's got a theory?

Happy Thanksgiving, pledges. I know what you’re all thankful for: Chanel. Just kidding — although I am certain she is very thankful for herself, the rest of you are merely satisfied with another crazy episode of “Scream Queens.” Boy, do you have something to be thankful for; after an onslaught of theories, accusations and one severed head it is safe to say, pledges, that you all had your pie and ate it too.

Thanksgiving is in full swing at Kappa Kappa Tau; all the Chanels are off to their respective homes — or boyfriend’s mansion in Chanel Oberlin’s (Emma Roberts) case. Grace (Skyler Samuels) is headed to Oakland with Zayday (Keke Palmer)...