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Julie Harris

Patrick Duffy embraces flawed Bobby Ewing on 'Dallas'

Patrick Duffy embraces flawed Bobby Ewing on 'Dallas'

Times and tastes have changed since "Dallas" first aired more than 30 years ago.

On TNT's reboot of "Dallas," now in its third season, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) uses language that would never have passed the censors on the original 1978-91 CBS prime-time soap. Neither would some of the sex scenes, especially the midseason finale shocker that found John Ross (Josh Henderson), the devious son of Sue Ellen and the late J.R. Ewing, in bed with two other women.

And even good guy Bobby Ewing is no longer perfect, which suits actor Patrick Duffy just fine.

"I'm so lucky to be playing Bobby now, because he is a real human being,"...