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Kip Pardue

'Missionary' refuses to let go of his little flock

'Missionary' refuses to let go of his little flock

"Missionary" is one risky little movie. This latest iteration on the "Fatal Attraction" theme takes on the Mormon faith — or at least one of its fictional followers — in ways that are certain to inflame church members. For other viewers, this lean thriller deftly shows how the fervency needed to wholly embrace any one belief or institution can, if unchecked, yield dire consequences.

Such is the case of Elder Brock (Mitch Ryan, solid), a Mormon missionary with a darkly fuzzy past who begins a blazing affair with Katherine (Dawn Olivieri), a smalltown Florida mother separated from her once-unfaithful husband, Ian (Kip Pardue).

At first, Brock's warmth...

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