Linda Thorson

Patrick Macnee: The essence of a gentleman

Patrick Macnee: The essence of a gentleman

The actor Patrick Macnee died Thursday at 93, after a long career that resolves itself into a single, yet long-running and highly memorable, pop-culturally resonant role. Indeed, among the fictional secret agents of the 1960s and '70s, there are above all James Bond, whose water has been carried by many actors, with many more undoubtedly to come, and John Steed, who was only ever and ever will be Patrick Macnee.

(It's true that Ralph Fiennes played him in a movie. The statement holds.)

Before and after “The Avengers” made him a star around the time he turned 40, Macnee was a presence, if not a constant presence, on screen, appearances that as a fan I would note with a...

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