Mayim Bialik

Thursday's TV Highlights: 'Colony' on USA

Thursday's TV Highlights: 'Colony' on USA


The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy (Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik) have their first fight since moving in together. 8 p.m. CBS

Superstore On a bitterly cold day the staff are grateful for the warmth in the store, until the thermostat breaks and drives the temperature way up. America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Mark McKinney and Nichole Bloom star. 8 p.m. NBC

Supernatural Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) leaves out some critical information when she asks Sam, Dean and Castiel (Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins) for help. 8 p.m. KTLA

The Great Indoors Jack (Joel...