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Animal Kingdom (movie, 2010)

Joel Edgerton shows triple-threat skills in 'The Gift'

Joel Edgerton shows triple-threat skills in 'The Gift'

Fear got the best of Joel Edgerton.

The Australian actor ("Zero Dark Thirty," "The Great Gatsby") was one of the founders in 1996 of the collective Blue Tongue Films along with such directors as David Michod and his brother, Nash Edgerton. Over the past two decades the group has written, directed and produced such films as the critically acclaimed "Animal Kingdom." Edgerton wrote and directed a few short films and penned the 2014 drama "Felony," in which he also starred.

But Edgerton was terrified about making the step to directing a feature film because he feared "I wasn't going to be able to do a good job of it," he said....