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Polisse (movie)

Review: 'Billy and Buddy' translates into brisk giddiness

Review: 'Billy and Buddy' translates into brisk giddiness

A live-action cartoon, "Billy and Buddy" manages to maintain the kind of brisk giddiness that many animated films struggle to achieve. But as family fare with a few unsettling Gallic touches, the boy-and-his-dog escapade is an odd fit.

Based on the long-running French-language comic-book series "Boule et Bill," the comedy spins around the bond between a likably enterprising red-headed 8-year-old (Charles Crombez) and the cocker spaniel who falls for him in part because they have the "same fur color." Theirs isn't the story's only instant love connection: The dog and a tortoise named Caroline share not just an interspecies crush but an ooh-la-la...