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Robert Ben Garant

'Jessabelle' is a bayou gumbo of horrors

'Jessabelle' is a bayou gumbo of horrors

Although its pivotal secret won't pass any great scrutiny, the horror-thriller "Jessabelle," not to be confused with the recent shocker "Annabelle," is a watchably spooky concoction. Credit lead Sarah Snook's gentle, sympathetic performance for holding together this atmospheric film, especially during its silly-campy third act.

When the pretty, mid-20s Jessabelle (Snook) is in a car crash that kills her boyfriend and her unborn child and leaves her dependent on a wheelchair, she has no choice but to go live with her gruff, estranged father, Leon (David Andrews), in his gloomy house on the Louisiana bayou. Informing this unceremonious reunion is that, in 1988,...