Susan Lucci
Audio Books

All My Life A Memoir Susan Lucci with Laura Morgan, read by the author HarperAudio: $39.99 (12 hours) What better to fill the coming void of "All My Children" leaving the airwaves? (available now) The American Heiress A Novel Daisy Goodwin, read by Katherine Kellgren Macmillan Audio: $39.99 (13 hours) The debut novel from British columnist and television producer Daisy Goodwin has an American heiress marrying England's prime catch in a Gilded Age union that, alas, quickly turns into a gilded cage. (June) The Corner Office Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons from CEOs on How to Lead and Succeed Adam Bryant, read by Oliver Wyman Macmillan Audio: $19.99 (5 hours)...