Attack of the Show (tv program)

TV Picks: 'Tabletop,' 'The Late Late Show,' 'Grace Helbig Show'

TV Picks: 'Tabletop,' 'The Late Late Show,' 'Grace Helbig Show'

"Tabletop" (Geek & Sundry/YouTube). Alt-idols Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton created this YouTube-based Web series, now in its third season, in which Wheaton and a rotating cast of friends (comics, actors, game developers, Internet people, Day sometimes among them) get together to play what we used to call a board game, and let you watch. It's a more sociable version of YouTube play-through videos, where you watch someone better than you at video games play a video game, over their shoulder, as it were -- and also a more down to earth and interesting variant of conventional-TV shows like "Hollywood Game Night," where celebrities gather to signal their ordinariness....