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Shopping healthy on food stamps

Shopping healthy on food stamps

UPDATE: Sunday's column mentioned that we went shopping, assessed the calories and nutrition from those ingredients and realized we came up short in a few areas so I went back to WalMart for more groceries. Here is my list from that second trip: Milk 2.5 gallons $3.63 per gallon, $2.26 for a half gallon Tuna 2 6.4 oz. pouches $1.92 each Raisins 20 oz. $2.98 Lettuce 4 heads at $1.88 each Broccoli 2 lbs at $1.74 per lb. Bananas 4 lbs at 59 cents per lb. Tomatos 15 or 3 lbs at $1.56 per lb. Cheese 8 oz. sliced mozzerella $2.28 Bread Whole Wheat loaf $1.58 Oatmeal 42 oz. $3.28 Cookies 14 oz. $1.18 (one oatmeal, one chocolate chip) Granola bars $2 per box (one almond, one fruit...