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Tension Releasing Exercises shake loose 'therapeutic tremors'

Tension Releasing Exercises shake loose 'therapeutic tremors'

I've been running for 30 years and lucky enough to avoid an iliotibial band injury until this year. But my luck ran out a few weeks back, and the physical therapist has banned many kinds of workouts for a while. That seemed the perfect time to try something called TRE, or Tension Releasing Exercises.

The exercises were developed by David Berceli after he saw how the body reacted to the traumas of life in war zones. He came up with an exercise sequence to "turn on the therapeutic tremor," said Nkem Ndefo, a nurse, midwife and the TRE teacher who led my class. The easiest way I could imagine it was the way my little dog, Beanie, reacted to Fourth of July fireworks — a...

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