Baltimore riots live updates: State of emergency declared, schools to be closed


Christopher J. Lee
'Man of Steel,' 'White House Down' heroes fight terrorism
'Man of Steel,' 'White House Down' heroes fight terrorism

Think you can escape the world's troubles by heading to the multiplex this summer? Think again. Terrorist schemes have a starring role in the season's action movies, triggering an assortment of mayhem — collapsing skyscrapers, spaceships flying into densely populated cities and bombers run amok. "Star Trek Into Darkness" features two attacks on crowded offices. The apparent villain in "Iron Man 3" bears a preternatural resemblance to Osama bin Laden. The survivors of collapsing high-rises in "Man of Steel" look just like New Yorkers covered in the gray ashes of the fallen World Trade Center towers. Critics have pointed out several terror...