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Tommy Thompson

Gov. Patrick Lucey, Wisconsin leader, dies at 96

Gov. Patrick Lucey, Wisconsin leader, dies at 96

Former Wisconsin Gov. Patrick Lucey, 96, a hard-nosed Democratic politician who served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico in the 1970s and ran for vice president of the United States as an independent in 1980, died Saturday at the Milwaukee Catholic Home after a brief Illness, said his son, Paul.

Lucey was elected governor in 1970 and won reelection in 1974. Then-President Carter selected Lucey to serve as his ambassador to Mexico in 1977, a year before Lucey's second term as governor would have ended.

In 1980, Lucey became independent candidate John Anderson's running mate in a failed bid to defeat Carter and Republican Ronald Reagan, who won the election.

In Wisconsin, he...