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Pi Day

For this boy, 3/14/15 is his slice of pi

For this boy, 3/14/15 is his slice of pi

Pi Day is Saturday, 3/14/15. Pi lovers know that its first five digits are 3.1415, and that this date will not roll around again for 100 years.

When my son was in seventh grade, his algebra teacher promised to buy a pie that March for the student who memorized the most digits of pi. My son immediately taped the first six pages of numerals, single-spaced, to his bedroom door. When we knocked, he demanded we read a few lines to gain entrance.

For days after school, he stayed in his room studying the sequence, talking into his voice recorder and playing it back. “How do you do it?” I asked when I tested him the first time and he recited 20 numbers. “I clump some of the numbers...

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