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7 things you didn't know about ... Dodger Stadium
7 things you didn't know about ... Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium just over 52 years old, but its Southern California charm is as fresh as ever. It also has a unique architectural distinction: It's the only stadium in Major League Baseball literally carved into a hillside. The Dodgers now call the stadium home, but for a time in the '60s it hosted the Los Angeles Angels; Elton John first played there in the 1970s; and everyone from Pope John Paul II to U2 has appeared there. Here are seven facts about the place that helped lure the Dodgers out of Brooklyn. Dodger Stadium is the third oldest park in baseball. Built in 1962, Dodger Stadium may not seem that old. But only Fenway Park (1912) and Wrigley Field (1914) predate it....