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Bob Wynn
'The Harvard Psychedelic Club' by Don Lattin
'The Harvard Psychedelic Club' by Don Lattin

The Patience Stone Atiq Rahimi Translated from the French by Polly McLean Other Press: 160 pp., $16.95 Books have many incarnations. Some come back as plays or movies. If they have questionable karma, they come back as paperback remainders or Saturday morning cartoon shows. "The Patience Stone" would make a fabulous one-woman play. It is set in a bedroom in Afghanistan, where a woman has watched over her husband for 16 days. He is comatose, with a bullet in his neck. The woman changes the bag of fluids and adjusts the tube that keeps him alive. She breathes alongside him. Outside, the sounds of tanks, gunshots, screaming and, most terrifying, silence. Inside, her two frightened...