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Gear: This little lantern is so sleek and slim but no lightweight

I’m smitten with the little white ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern from Verilux.

The lantern is sleek and tactile, and the nine LEDs on the underside of the lid, which provide soft Natural Spectrum Daylight illumination, manage to be bright without glare. LEDS don't generate heat, so the lantern is cool.

It's also touch-sensitive. Press down on the top or grip the base to turn it on or off and to adjust brightness, from a dim glow to reading-ready. The slim 7-inch-high by 3 1/2-inch-diameter plastic lantern is sturdy but featherweight at 8 ounces.

The ReadyLight is powered by a built-in long life rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable. No wall-socket charger is included, alas, but a USB AC adapter will fit the bill.

Info: ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern costs $19.95.

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