Redondo Councilman Cawdrey to Face Summer Recall Election

City Councilman Ron Cawdrey will face a recall election this summer as the result of a recall petition that county election officials declared valid last week.

Cawdrey, whose term expires in 1987, has been the subject of criticism from North Redondo residents angered by his stance in favor of development in the King Harbor area and at the former Aviation High School campus. Leading the petition drive, in which 2,089 signatures were collected, was Deloris Theisse, once an unsuccessful council candidate.

City Clerk John Oliver said the council will probably schedule the election between June 25 and Aug. 6. The same ballot may include a citywide initiative calling for stricter development standards in the harbor area. Residents opposed to new harbor development are circulating petitions to qualify the initiative for a ballot.

Oliver said that if Cawdrey is recalled, the council will appoint a successor to serve until 1987. Cawdrey has termed the recall drive "totally political," saying that the overdevelopment issue has been blown out of proportion.

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