Man Arrested in Koreatown Slaying

From United Press International

A man who allegedly walked into the kitchen of a crowded Koreatown restaurant and shot and killed a waitress was arrested by police Saturday.

Il Jae Lee, 32, was arrested at a friend's home in Garden Grove and booked at the Wilshire Division Jail on suspicion of murder. Detectives also recovered a gun they believe was used in the shooting.

Chong Nim Yim, 33, was shot several times Friday night at Hang Koo, a seafood restaurant at 1106 S. Western Ave. where she had recently begun work as a part-time waitress. The gunman then fled through a rear door.

About 10 of the 40 customers in the restaurant had a clear view into the open kitchen where the shooting occurred, Detective Sherman Oakes said.

"He walked in and started shooting and the people tried to get out of Dodge," Oakes said. Some of the customers tried to hide behind furniture and others headed for the back door.

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