Crusade Coverage

For several days in a row now your newspaper, at least the Orange County edition, has been carrying reports about Billy Graham's operation in the Anaheim stadium.

Although I am a Christian, it is my belief that religion and press should be kept as separated from one another as religion and state.

The way your newspaper reports on Graham's latest money-making event creates the impression that you are giving or furnishing free commercials for a single salesman's interpretation of the Bible.

You certainly know what follows after his efforts in the Anaheim stadium have come to an end. People will be receiving numerous letters from him asking for money, money, money!

I believe that once the beginning of a happening has been reported, the rest ceases to be news.

It will be news again if something extraordinary happens, like a meteorite landing in the midst of the auditorium.

But until then it is and remains simply a routine, of no more magnitude than the bus cruising through Main Street on any day of the week.



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