Baby's Injuries Lead to Father's Arrest

A 27-year-old Simi Valley man was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of child abuse after doctors determined that his 6-month-old daughter had suffered what appeared to be numerous abuse-related injuries, Simi Valley police said.

The father, Aaron Rockler, and the infant's mother, who was not identified, took the baby to Simi Valley Adventist Hospital at 4:30 a.m. They told doctors that Rockler had dropped the infant, police said.

A medical examination of the baby disclosed a recent skull fracture and a number of other injuries, including two previous skull fractures, 12 broken ribs, a broken arm and broken shoulder. Doctors notified police, who arrested Rockler.

Rockler was released on $2,000 bail. No charges were filed against the infant's mother, who, police said, was apparently unaware of her daughter's injuries.

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