SEAL BEACH : None Challenge, So Hunt Will Keep Seat

The City Council tonight is scheduled to appoint Councilman Joe Hunt to another term, because no one filed to run against him in the March election.

Hunt represents the Leisure World area. Two other council seats are up for election, and a total of eight candidates are running in those races.

In other business, the council will discuss the wording of a proposed measure for the June ballot that would allow the council to raise members' salaries to a maximum of $300 a month. Council members now receive $150 a month.

Also, the council will discuss a report recently completed by the Ad Hoc Retail Sales Committee. The report suggests ways to improve the city's retail sales, such as recruiting certain businesses to the area. A recent survey of residents found they would like to see shoe stores and video stores in the city, for example.

"There are a few ideas in there that I think are worth pursuing," Mayor Victor Grgas said. "The question isn't whether the ideas are good, but how quickly and effectively we can implement them, if at all."

Grgas said Los Alamitos and San Juan Capistrano, both smaller than Seal Beach, each have retail sales totaling about $2 million a year. Seal Beach averages $1.1 million a year, he said.

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