COSTA MESA : Golf Concessionaire Accepts Settlement

The city has agreed to pay the former concession operator of the Costa Mesa Golf Course and Country Club $475,000, putting an end to a nearly monthlong standoff between the two parties.

Under the terms of the agreement announced Wednesday, Harry S. Green Inc. will receive $475,000 for equipment, capital improvements and lost income. In addition, the city will not collect $20,000 from the company for back rent, officials said.

In return, officials at Harry S. Green agreed to drop all lawsuits against the city and vacate the premises immediately.


Both parties said they were happy with the settlement.

“We are fine with it,” said Tim Green, who refused a city order earlier this month to leave the concession business. “I am relieved.”

City Manager Allan L. Roeder said officials are glad the case didn’t end up in court.

“I certainly feel this is not only a better resolution but a less expensive resolution than had all this gone through litigation,” Roeder said.

Earlier this month, Tim Green snubbed a city order to turn over the keys to the concession stand, which his father had operated for the past 23 years.

On Sept. 1, Mesa Verde Partners, the new operators, were slated to take over complete operation of the golf course, including the concession business. Mesa Verde won the right to run the course earlier this year when the City Council awarded it the contract. Green was one of a dozen bidders who lost out.

However, instead of conceding, Tim Green refused to leave, saying he wouldn’t budge because the city owed the business money. The Greens asked the city for $1.2 million in compensation. During the 23-day standoff that ensued, both parties went to court.

Mesa Verde Partners, which has been waiting on the sidelines while the legal wrangling took place, is expected to take over complete operation of the course today.