Online Shopping Can Result in Net Gain


The best fashion bargains from catalogers aren't on paper. They're in pixels, as catalog merchants discover that the World Wide Web is the easiest way to sell their overstocks.

Eddie Bauer was one of the first Web sites with its "Great Buys" and "Weekly Specials" sections. Typical deals include a $40 pair of women's leather huaraches for $19.99 or women's houndstooth linen shorts for $24.99, discounted 40% from their regular $42 price. For $5, Bauer will even gift wrap and include a personalized message.

Lands' End

Perhaps the biggest bargains are at Lands' End's, where 75% off is common in the retailer's "First Quality Overstocks" section, which features men's, women's and kids' clothes. Be sure to sign up for Lands' End's free "Overstocks E-Mail Newsletter," which automatically alerts you to the newest best buys.


The Ultimate Outlet,, lives up to its name. Actually it's the online close-out site for Spiegel, which, because of its size, has the best selection of discounted apparel. The only frustration is that the original retail prices aren't listed, so it's a bit tough to quantify the savings, even though the prices are great.

One Hanes Place

You'll always know exactly how much you're saving at One Hanes Place-- the company proudly displays retail prices to show off its 40% discount on Hanes and L'eggs hosiery as well as on Bali, Playtex and Wonderbra intimate apparel. In fact, you can find savings up to 70% on selected items in the close-outs area. These items are slightly imperfect, but perfectly priced nonetheless.

So, the next time you see a Web address on your favorite catalog, visit the site to see whether that's where the best sale items are.

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