Kelly Hu

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* The actress plays Grace Chen on the CBS action series “Martial Law.”

Highs and Lows: For me, a great weekend is just relaxing, staying at home and eating healthy. I’ve really gotten into cooking lately and discovered low-fat cooking. I met with this trainer who changed my life. He taught me how to eat properly, about nutrition.

Run for It!: I exercise a lot. I love going running. When I have a whole day to myself, I can go for a really nice long run. I usually run down the beach at Santa Monica and over on San Vicente. I try to take different paths all the time to make it interesting.

How Low Can You Go?: My whole philosophy is low fat and big taste. I grew up on Spam. So for me, this is a really huge step. I like making fish and chicken breasts with salsas and low-fat sauces. I eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables. All these whole grains. I stay away from refined flour and sugar.


The More, the Merrier: I cook for friends quite a lot. I like having people over. There’s something to making food for people. It’s a way to show your affection and love. I don’t think you can go out and get a meal that’s prepared with as much love and care as when you stay home and cook.

Getting Her Kicks: On Saturdays or Sundays, I’ll take private martial arts lessons with my coach. I don’t get to work with him at all during the week, but I do make it a point to meet with him on weekends so I can keep myself in check and not let my form go. I certainly don’t know enough to call myself a master at anything, but I’ve studied two years of karate.

Springs and Spas: My boyfriend and I love going to the spas in Palm Springs. I’m a big spa person. It’s relaxing. It’s a place where you can pamper yourself and get healthy and just let go of the tension you have working during the week. And, goodness knows, I have a lot of mental and physical tension after working on our show. It’s a great way for me to get away and really feel like I’ve had a little vacation.