Lawsuit charges Apple misleads consumers about iOS 8 storage

Apple's mobile devices on display in an Apple store in Berlin on Dec. 1.
(Adam Berry / Getty Images)

Two Florida men are suing Apple, charging that the company is misleading customers about how much storage space the iOS 8 operating system uses.

In a U.S. District Court lawsuit filed Tuesday in San Jose, the two allege that Apple doesn’t tell users “as much as 23.1% of the advertised storage capacity of the devices (iPods, iPhones and iPads) will be consumed by iOS 8, and that Apple uses the space shortage to drive customers to its fee-based iCloud storage system.”

The men, Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara, represented by attorneys from Audet and Partners LLP and Cuneo Gilbert and Laduca LLP, seek an undisclosed amount in damages on behalf of a nationwide class of users of Apple’s mobile devices.


Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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