MPAA launches new content website


Hollywood studios are taking another crack at trying to steer consumers to legitimate websites.

The studios’ chief lobbying arm, the Motion Picture Assn. of America, has launched another website called that provides a “one-stop shop” where users can search for movies and TV shows on legitimate platforms across the Internet.

The site, billed as a more robust version of a similar site launched a year ago, allows consumers to search for a given movie or TV show, connecting them directly to various platforms where they can buy, rent or stream their favorite title, or receive an alert when it becomes available.


The site aggregates content from a range of outlets, including Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox and smaller indie sites such as Snag Films and WolfeOnDemand.

The initiative marks a further attempt by the MPAA to combat rampant online piracy by reminding consumers of legal means to watch movies and TV shows.

“ is a showcase for the tremendous amount of talent and creativity that goes into making your favorite shows and movies,” said Greg Silverman, Warner Bros.’ president of creative development and worldwide production. “The creators who work hard to bring these stories to the screen benefit when audiences can easily find them on legitimate platforms.”

The service also is aimed at making it easier for consumers to navigate an increasingly diverse marketplace as more shows are streamed online. Both HBO and CBS recently announced plans to lauch streaming services as more consumers cut the cable cord.

“Our industry is delivering more content via more platforms today than anyone could have even imagined just a few years ago,” said Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Telvision. “Over the top video on desktop, mobile, connected TVs – we are constantly innovating to meet consumers wherever they want to be.”