Meghan Trainor loses her balance — or does she? — on ‘The Tonight Show’

Meghan Trainor performs on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

This can’t be real, right?

On Thursday night, Meghan Trainor took to “The Tonight Show” to perform “Me Too,” the latest single from her new album “Thank You,” which is out Friday.

The song was fine, an uptempo disco jam with plenty of the cartoon sass that has become Trainor’s stock in trade since she emerged two years ago with “All About That Bass.”

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But then just as she finished the tune, the singer fell flat on her back — or pretended to, anyway.

You can hear a gasp, but keep your eyes on the members of her band as she goes down: None of them appears even slightly alarmed at the sight of their boss taking a televised tumble. Ditto host Jimmy Fallon when he makes his way over to Trainor and lies down with her.

Which makes you wonder if the fall was simply a way to get the Internet talking about the singer on her release day.

If so, congratulations, Meghan, it totally worked!

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