Fan-generated Bruce Springsteen film to debut July 22

Bruce Springsteen performs in Naples, Italy, on Thursday.
(Cesare Abbate / EPA)

What does Bruce Springsteen mean to you? That’s the basis of a new documentary built around the legendary rocker’s influence on his fans.

Executive produced by famed auteur Ridley Scott, “Springsteen & I” will feature videos and photographs from fans offering testimony on how the Boss and his music affected their lives. The film will be screened in theaters on July 22.

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In a trailer uploaded to the performer’s YouTube account on Thursday, Springsteen can be seen consoling a fan who just got dumped, singing with an Elvis impersonator and dancing with fans onstage. The teaser also features a few vignettes of some rather rabid fans, including one woman mentioning how she used to hold a picture of the rocker up to her baby and utter “Daddy” (that couldn’t have ended well).

Directed by music video director Baillie Walsh, the documentary will also include previously unreleased concert footage and his music. Springsteen and label, Columbia Records, are supportive of the film.


“This beautifully crafted film allows us a unique and powerful insight into the relationship between a recording artist and the impact he has on those who connect so profoundly with his music,” Scott wrote on the film’s website.

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Though the documentary is in the can, producers are asking for photo submissions of fans holding their first Springsteen album. The pictures will be used for the film’s official poster.

Arts Alliance Media is putting the film in theaters worldwide on July 22, with tickets going on sale June 4.

Check out the trailer below:

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