Mark Hamill’s ‘Jedi jeans’ fail to sell in online auction

A pair of Levi's jeans worn by Mark Hamill in the 1977 film "Star Wars" failed to make the reserve price at a recent online auction and so did not sell. The Nate D. Sanders auction house had hoped they'd fetch as much as $100,000.
(Nate D. Sanders)

Apparently the market force was not with them: A pair of Levi’s jeans worn by Mark Hamill in the 1977 sci-fi film “Star Wars” failed to meet the reserve price in an online auction that ended last week.

Nate D. Sanders, the auction house that put the trousers from Tatooine up for bid, had hoped they would fetch somewhere between $70,000 and $100,000.


According to the lot detail page for the Jedi jeans, which had a minimum starting bid of $2,500, 13 bids were placed before the 5 p.m. PDT deadline on May 21 and no final bid amount is listed.

An auction house representative explained to us, via email, that the Hamill pants didn’t sell because they had failed to meet the reserve price, adding: “so, they’re still available.”

The folks at Nate D. Sanders wouldn’t share what the reserve price was but confirmed that the highest (non-winning) bid submitted before the auction ended was $36,100.

We aren’t sure why Luke’s Levi’s failed to attract bigger bids -- it’s not like the collectors of Hollywood memorabilia don’t have money to spend. Case in point: The same day the Hamill pants failed to escape reserve-price orbit, a screen-worn Dancing Bear suit from the “Captain Kangaroo” TV series attracted 38 bids and sold for a whopping $207,019.


Which makes us think maybe it’s time a certain Wookiee considers putting his wardrobe on the auction block.



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