Jennifer Lawrence's Dior dress spawns viral #Lawrencing meme

The Dior Haute Couture off-white silk evening dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence to Sunday night's 71st annual Golden Globes appears to have spawned the first full-blown meme of the awards season -- "Lawrencing."

Social media had been buzzing about Lawrence's strapless white gown with two thin, horizontal bands of black since the moment she first arrived on the red carpet; the U.K. Daily Mail drawing early (if not first) blood by tweeting that the gown resembled a "glam coffee filter." (Our fashion critic Booth Moore called the choice odd, describing it as a "ring of pouf.")

As the evening wore on, armchair fashion critics rose up and became armchair fashion designers. Then, at around 6 p.m. PST, "Green Arrow" actor Colton Haynes posted side-by-side photos on Instagram and Twitter. On the left was the dress on the red carpet, on the right was Haynes aping Lawrence's expression while wrapped in what looks like a white bed sheet accented with two horizontal black bands. (As of this writing we don't have permission to reprint any of the photos, so you'll need to click through to see the hilarity.)  

At 6:48 p.m. it was a dog -- clad in a white pillow case and two horizontal strips of black fabric -- that was doing its best JLaw imitation. An hour after that it was a cat in a white terrycloth hand towel and two pieces of black string being held aloft in a photo.

By 9:10 p.m., Buzzfeed's Jordan Zakarian had rounded up the above (and more) in his post "Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes Dress Has All Of The Internet 'Lawrencing'" and by Monday morning the freshly minted hashtag #Lawrencing was everywhere -- a Barbie doll "Lawrenced" in a roll of toilet paper and black pipe cleaners on Tumblr, Ariel (she of "The Little Mermaid") was posted "Lawrencing" in a repurposed sail and length of rope, and anyone and everyone with access to a white sheet (or in some cases quilted comforter) and roll of black electrical tape was taking a selfie of themselves in full #Lawrencing mode.

Perhaps all this "Lawrencing" will spur the Angelina Jolie leg meme from the 2012 Oscars out of retirement -- we like to imagine it's out there somewhere frantically searching for a suitable white knee brace with two horizontal black stripes across it -- you know, just to stay relevant.


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