Thousands of pretzels, plus a pretzel pool float

6,086: The number of traditional, Bavarian-style pretzels made weekly at Hans Röckenwagner’s production bakery in Culver City.

Röckenwagner employs 8 bakers dedicated solely to making pretzel products, of which Röckenwagner Bakery produces 128,189 per week. That would be those traditional salt-sprinkled pretzels, plus pretzel baguettes, pretzel croissants, pretzel bites, pretzel rolls (for pretzel burgers), pretzel buns, pretzel croutons and pretzel grissini.

To produce all that requires 6,357 pounds of flour, 42 pounds of salt and 21 liters of lye (pretzels are traditionally dipped in a lye solution before baking).


Röckenwagner started making pretzels in 1990 when he launched the bakery, using traditional German recipes adapted to U.S. ingredients. Every baker goes through the same 3-year apprenticeship that Röckenwagner did in his native Germany.

There is an additional 1 pretzel-shaped pool float in the Röckenwagners’ backyard pool, which is taken out and wrapped with Christmas lights to make a giant pretzel wreath for the holidays. (Hans’ wife, Patti, says they have 12 more floats as backup.)

Hans Röckenwager in a pretzel float in his backyard pool.
(courtesy Patti Röckenwagner)


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