CNN’s ‘dog’s breakfast’ alert thoroughly confuses people everywhere

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The Twitterverse was absolutely befuddled after receiving a peculiar notification from CNN saying, “Analysis: With Trump at the helm, US policy in the Middle East has been a dog’s breakfast of confusion and contradiction.” While the phrase “a dog’s breakfast” might take one’s mind straight to Kibbles and Bits, it’s actually British slang for “a mess.” Nonetheless, a lot of people didn’t quite get it.

“Hi @cnn what the heck does this even mean? ‘A dog’s breakfast of confusion?’ Is that even a saying? If it is, why use it in this context? This is... odd,” Justin Myers wrote on Twitter.

“A dog’s breakfast is presumably the opposite of the cat’s pajamas?” Elinor Jones perplexed.

“Apparently I’ve been feeding my dog the wrong food,” Paul Szoldra concluded.


“Guys I think CNN had a stroke,” Colin Reischman wrote.

Then, some people chimed in who seemed rather shocked many Americans weren’t familiar with the phrase.

“Americans don’t know what this means?” Max Slater-Robins asked.

“‘Dog’s breakfast’ is an actual synonym for a sloppy mess in British English,” @ConorSteSash revealed. But if you’re actually looking for something to feed your pooch early in the morning, here are 18 superfoods you should try feeding to your amazing dog.

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