10 health and fitness devices you’ll want to buy right now


A bed that gently rocks you to sleep. Headphones that help you focus. And a portable running coach.

These and other futuristic devices were on display at the latest Consumer Electronics Show, held last month in Las Vegas. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout health and fitness products we spotted from the show that you can buy now or are headed to the marketplace.

1. A watch that measures blood pressure


Using an inflatable wristband, the Omron HeartGuide lets you take measurements anytime at home, including while sleeping. That’s a big deal, as blood pressure and heart attack risk often spike at night when medication wears off. The device provides text and email notifications and also tracks sleep quality, steps and pulse. Pending FDA approval, Omron hopes to make the HeartGuide available come fall. No word yet on price.


2. A smarter skateboard

Skateboards are a popular solution for “last-mile commuting.” The electric Starkboard lets your body weight control speed and braking. A slight forward lean speeds you up and turns on green lights in the front; a slight lean back illuminates rear red lights as it slows and stops the board. It has a maximum speed of 20 mph and goes 10 miles on one charge. Begins shipping in March. $599,


3. Connected bike helmet

Using “bone-conduction” technology, the Coros Omni Smart pumps your music, phone calls and voice navigation into your cheekbone, keeping the ear canal free to hear ambient noise, as California law requires. The helmet includes a built-in red tail light and microphone, a 10-hour battery life, and a bar-mounted remote to control volume, track forward and pause/play. It also allows you to take calls and automatically text-message alerts to loved ones if you crash. $199,


4. Game-ified weight training

Have trouble getting motivated to pump iron? The Black Box outfits you with a virtual reality headset that turns weight lifting into a game via an exhausting, sweaty, exhilarating slugfest with a digital warrior attacking you with glowing energy orbs. Holding the hand straps of a linked cable-resistance VR weight machine, you punch the orbs to vanquish your foe. It’s intense — and coming to Silicon Valley gyms in the fall and the rest of the country soon after.


5. Tennis-ball fetcher

You need to practice your serve but hate picking up the balls? Enter every tennis player’s dream companion: Tennibot bills itself as the world’s first autonomous tennis ball collector. It’s a camera- and sensor-outfitted Roomba-of-sorts that’ll collect up to 90 balls at a time. The battery lasts four hours. Starting at $900 through the crowd-launch website Indigogo.


6. Won’t-fail bike light

Running out of juice for your bike lights can’t happen with the Firefly, which says it is the first bike light to be powered by the movement of the bike itself. In a patented process, the palm-size device straps to your bike to harvest its inherent ambient vibration and stores enough energy to stay lighted while stopped for seven minutes. Crowdfunding is currently underway, and the product is said to launch in November. $79,


7. Fix your focus

Mindset smart headphones keep you on task by buzzing, beeping and vibrating when its EEG sensors notice changes in your brain activity. Founder Jacob Flood says people struggle to maintain deep focus and that it can take up to 20 minutes to return to a deeply focused state once you get distracted. This jolts you back before distraction sets in. Slated to launch in May. $350,


8. Run in your living room

Remember when running was just you, a breeze on your face and leaves crackling underfoot? What a hassle. Peloton, known for its popular at-home subscription real-time cycling classes and dedicated bikes, will introduce Peloton Tread, a running and strength-training workout class, in the fall. It uses a dedicated manual treadmill designed with a belt of individual rubberized slats that revolve like a tank tread and includes a 32-inch TV screen that can put you in a real-time treadmill running and workout class. Treadmill, $3,995; class subscription $39 a month.


9. A coach in your running shoes

Sensoria, an American maker of running-shoe sensors, and British minimalist shoe manufacturer VivoBarefoot will debut their first minimalist smart shoe in the fall. Its ultra-thin kevlar sole will be embedded with four sensors to capture calories burned, step rate, forefoot or rear foot impact, distance and elevation. It can also send a vibration to the right or left foot to direct you on a preprogrammed running route. Due in September. No word yet on price.


10. Rock yourself to sleep

Astounded by the deep sleep he got on a cruise ship, serial entrepreneur Mark Russell set out to build a bed that rocks back and forth on land. His Rocking Bed is a two-section frame on rollers with a dead-quiet electric engine that dreamily moves the bed 3 inches right and left. $3,000,


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