Some criticize anti-Trump protesters for jamming LAX and causing missed flights

Police and demonstrators had brokered an agreement that allowed for upper and lower level roads to alternate being fully open for 30-minute periods.

The thousands of protesters who converged on Los Angeles International Airport to speak out about President Trump's travel restrictions won praise from many for taking a stand.

They also faced some criticism for blocking traffic at the bustling airport.


LAX officials said some flights were delayed Sunday because airline employees and passengers could not reach the terminals.

Motorist Rebekah Bergeron, 22, was sitting at the head of a line of cars blocked by the protesters. Though she said she didn't object to their demonstration, she also wanted to get home to Arizona.

"I have no problem if they want to protest this, but I just missed my flight," she said. "I just watched it take off."

I have no problem if they want to protest this, but I just missed my flight. I just watched it take off.

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An ESPN anchor who vented about missing her flight because of airport immigration protesters is drawing criticism from people who say she is being insensitive.

Sage Steele posted a photo of protesters speaking out against President Trump's order to temporarily suspend immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations at Los Angeles International Airport on Instagram on Sunday night.

In the caption, she noted that she and other passengers had to drag luggage nearly 2 miles to get to the airport, but still missed their flights.

On Sunday evening, protesters faced off with police in riot gear. Marchers chanted and renounced the legitimacy of Trump's presidency. At one point, a group of Muslim demonstrators formed rows and knelt down to pray.

By nightfall, dozens had blocked traffic along the departures level of World Way — the main thoroughfare that snakes through the airport — and Michel Moore, assistant Los Angeles police chief, used a megaphone to repeatedly ask protesters to move to the sidewalk.

Two people were arrested for allegedly blocking the roadway, according to LAX Police Officer Rob Pedregon. The two were cited and released.

Late Sunday, police also brokered an agreement with demonstrators, allowing them to alternate between the airport's upper and lower levels for 30-minute intervals. At each interval, protesters were allowed to fully close a road for 15 minutes, according to a statement released by LAX.

Demonstrators eventually dispersed, and the upper- and lower-level roadways were fully open, with traffic flowing normally Monday morning.

Los Angeles Times staff writers James Queally and Javier Panzer and the Associated Press contributed to this report.