Conservative political rally at state Capitol draws counter-protesters, results in one arrest

A rally by a conservative political group at the state Capitol in Sacramento on Sunday afternoon drew a crowd of counter-protesters amid a heavy police presence.

With officers on horses and bicycles keeping the opposing sides separated, the event stayed peaceful, authorities said. One man was arrested for challenging someone to a fight.

As participants in the Turn California Red rally gave speeches, the counter-protesters shouted “black lives matter” and other slogans. But there were no clashes between the groups.

The rally came two days before midterm elections with a number of closely contested seats in California that could flip the House of Representatives for the Democrats in a country deeply divided about President Trump.


On a Facebook page announcing the rally, organizers wrote that the state has become “unlivable for normal citizens.”

“Let’s show these Democrat politicians that we are no longer silent and their seats are no longer safe. Turn California Red!!” they wrote.

An organization called Antifa Sacramento alerted its members on Facebook to the rally, warning that “the far-right is descending.” People were encouraged to attend the rally as long as they felt “capable of intervening in the event of street harassment or attacks.”

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