@HiddenCash in L.A.: Mystery donor plans to hide $20 and $100 bills

A millionaire donor tweeting from the handle @HiddenCash gives clues and posts photos about where he drops hidden envelopes of money.

A man who has been using Twitter to drop clues about hidden envelopes with cash he has scattered throughout the Bay Area says he is planning to pull off a similar scavenger hunt in Los Angeles this weekend.

The donor is reportedly a millionaire, who began tweeting from the handle @HiddenCash on May 23, providing obscure clues and posting photographs about his envelope drops. His drops quickly gained widespread attention and have caused a frenzy on Twitter as his followers took photographs and wild videos documenting their cash finds.


In an email to the Los Angeles Times, the donor, who did not identify himself, said he planned to bring his scavenger hunt to the Los Angeles area this weekend, although he did not immediately respond to inquiries for more information.

According to his Twitter account, the envelopes are filled with $20 and $100 bills and were left at random spots throughout San Francisco and San Jose as part of a "social experiment for good."

The mystery donor, who described himself as between 35 and 45 years old, told the San Francisco Chronicle he had recently closed a real estate deal that left him with a large profit, so he decided to do "something fun" with it.

He told the Chronicle he had no plans to stop and has considered expanding his drops to more cities.

One Twitter user on Tuesday said there were nearly 100 people at a bus station in San Jose looking for a hidden envelope.

That same morning, local station KTVU filmed Alex Doxie sprinting to a drop site and screaming "there it is!"

Doxie opened the envelope on live TV to reveal he had just found $120. The man told KTVU he planned to use the cash to treat his wife to dinner and purchase baseball tickets.