Parolee detained in fatal shooting of two Covina women and wounding of 2-year-old boy


A parolee with a lengthy criminal history was detained as “a person of interest” early Sunday in connection with the fatal shooting of two Covina women and the wounding of a 2-year-old boy, police said.

Shortly after midnight Sunday, Lucas Doi Fick, 36, of Covina, knocked on a neighbor’s door in the 700 block of South Rancho Sinaloa with the 2-year-old boy at his side, said Sgt. Antonia Zavala of the Covina Police Department.

Call the police, Fick told his neighbor. “Something bad” happened, he said, according to authorities.


Police entered Fick’s home and found two women dead from apparent gunshot wounds. They later discovered the boy was also suffering from a gunshot wound to his back.

Paramedics rushed the boy to a hospital for emergency surgery. He was expected to recover.

The boy’s mother was one of the dead women, Zavala said. Police have not determined how Fick, the two women and the boy are related, though they were all staying in the same house, Zavala said.

Police found two guns in the house. Fick, a felon on parole from a drug violation, was wearing an ankle monitor. He was arrested at the scene for being a felon in possession of a weapon. He is being held without bail.

Investigators consider Fick a “person of interest” in the deaths, but they haven’t ruled out other suspects, Zavala said. Detectives are trying to determine whether the guns found at the home match the ones used to shoot the two women and the boy.

Fick is affiliated with a gang, Zavala said. Court records show Fick has a lengthy criminal record that includes multiple convictions for drug possession, robbery and unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition. He was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in 2004.


In 2014, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported that Fick was arrested on suspicion of having unlawful sex with an underage girl. But Fick was never convicted of the crime, Zavala said.

Police haven’t identified the two dead women because their families haven’t been notified yet.

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