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D.A. tells judge to send Spaccia to prison: 'She's got it coming'

Prosecutors are asking a Superior Court judge to send the former second-in-command in scandal-plagued Bell to prison for 12 years and eight months.

Angela Spaccia, who has been in jail since her conviction in December on corruption charges, is expected to be sentenced Thursday.

Spaccia’s request for a new trial was denied, as was another motion that her former boss — Robert Rizzo — be called to the witness stand.

The attorney representing the former assistant city manager asked Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy to take into account a letter his client wrote to the court that said she regretted her actions.

Harland Braun also mentioned that Spaccia had been a competent public servant whose crimes needed to be considered in the context of Robert Rizzo's regime as a "dictator."

But Deputy Dist. Atty Sean Hassett said Spaccia deserves a harsh punishment.

"What they did wasn’t just criminal. It’s so outrageous, it’s so offensive, it’s so hurtful and destructive to that city."

Hassett said while the court could not change the past or pay back the citizens of Bell, it could offer them justice by giving Spaccia "a lengthy, lengthy term in state prison."

"She deserves it," Hassett said. "She did it. She’s got it coming. ... She laughed out loud the entire time she was stealing Bell’s money."


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