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Pentagon asks Trump to send several thousand more troops to Mideast as Iran tensions grow

The Pentagon is asking the White House to send several thousand more troops, Patriot anti-missile batteries and warplanes to boost U.S. defenses against Iran.

‘Epidemic of death’ alleged as U.S. stops sending migrants to Texas processing center

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it would temporarily stop processing migrants at its facility in McAllen, Texas, after a 16-year-old held there died.

Trump has pardoned 10 men. Who are they?

President Trump has pardoned 10 men: One campaigned for him. One retweets him. Another wrote the book “Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other.”

Avenatti charged with stealing from Stormy Daniels to cover lavish lifestyle

Michael Avenatti was charged with stealing from his client Stormy Daniels by skimming from the porn star's book deal.

Trump, angry over House investigations, blows up infrastructure meeting

The president tells Democrats he won't work with them amid investigations and impeachment talk.



Family separations a year later: The fallout — and the separations — continue

A year after the White House's chaotic rollout of its family separation policy, President Trump wants to bring it back in a new form.