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California’s influence stretches far beyond the West Coast. In this new project, Times correspondents will travel the globe sharing stories that explore the complex relationship between the West Coast and the rest of the world.


The southwestern Chinese city of Dali has invited comparisons to California — or at least to the California that exists in the popular Chinese imagination.

Video Game Empire

In just a few years, Embracer, based in a small Swedish town, has swallowed up studios and brands to become a major player in the gaming industry.

Swedish gaming personality David Bostrom browses the Embracer Games Archive, an effort by gaming giant Embracer to collect a copy of every video game ever made.

Marijuana Abroad

In June, Thailand became the only country in Asia to legalize marijuana, igniting a green rush that has seduced farmers, corporations and others. Thailand is barreling toward a future in which it could surge past Amsterdam and parts of the United States as a global destination for both cannabis cultivation and consumption.

Impacts on Global cuisine

Guests enjoy the foie gras course of the tasting menu at SOLA, 3 June 2022. (Alice Zoo/For The Times)

California cuisine is having a moment across the Atlantic, where every month brings a new restaurant, chef or menu imported from Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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Times foreign correspondent Jaweed Kaleem, who is based in London, discusses the Global California multimedia series exploring the state’s connections beyond the nation’s borders.