'POTUS,' a Beat poem

The small group of reporters covering the president at particular events to report them back to the larger group of White House reporters is called the pool. The Times’ Diana Marcum was in the pool covering part of President Obama’s drought-related visit to California. Great liberties have been taken by me to edit a number of pool reports into … a Beat poem.



25 miles west of Firebaugh, Marine One lands in a huge cloud of dust.

Costa, POTUS, Feinstein, Boxer, walking -- a posse from a cowboy movie.

Farm tour, Los Banos, 4:48 p.m.

Almond trees in bloom! Unplanted fields of row crops! Green and yellow tractors!

POTUS walks along canal. Water, low and dirty.

Awesome ride in the Osprey!

Next stop, Palm Springs International Airport. Sunnylands. Annenberg Estate.

President Obama -- blue shirt, no tie.

King Abdullah of Jordan -- blue shirt, no tie.

"Good to see you," POTUS said. "Family doing well?"

In the living room, a portrait of George Washington.

It is 77 degrees in Rancho Mirage.



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