Welcome to the many moods of Kings Coach Darryl Sutter

This was Journalist Darryl on Tuesday.

Kings Coach Darryl Sutter managed to enliven what has been a relatively ordinary break in the schedule by telling old stories Sunday, some about his baseball-playing days with his brothers when they were youngsters.

Then he turned from storyteller to interrogator, taking a tape recorder from one of the regulars and asking a question Tuesday. This was, in part, to explain the team's schedule and why they had an day off Monday instead of Sunday.

It was amusing or maybe you just had to be there. This wasn't Laugh Factory material but it was funny in the sense of a dull stretch in early November. Jeff Carter (foot) is on injured reserve and Jarret Stoll has been off the ice since suffering an upper-body injury in the Kings' loss to Nashville on Saturday.

Sutter did get off a funny line about right wing Justin Williams, who left Tuesday's practice early.

"Those old guys, right?" he said of the 32-year-old Williams. "Got to learn pace that we want again. It's not like they know it. It's the pace they have to play at, the pace they have to practice at."

His early departure was not punishment.

"You don't kick guys off the ice because they're not working," Sutter said. "You keep 'em out there working."

Goalie Jonathan Quick spoke about the value of the short break, the chance to get some hard work done in practice.

"It's where you form all your good habits," he said. "Working on all the little details sometimes you lose when you miss practices when you're playing every other night or playing back to back. Things you start to lose in your game because you're not working on it. ... Everybody needs it. You get a break like this where you get a couple of days of practice. It's a great opportunity to take advantage of what you have."


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