Ducks fans have a hard time recognizing Ryan Kesler at preseason game


Ducks center Ryan Kesler has a well-deserved reputation for being pesky and annoying to opponents, but he has a lighter side and he showed it while appearing in an amusing video the team filmed during the preseason.

Dressed in a wig, glasses, beard and fake beer belly, Kesler attended an exhibition game as a fan, ticket in hand, to experience what it’s like to watch a game from the stands. He fooled the folks sitting next to and around him and also fooled his teammate, Corey Perry, who was working at a concession stand. Kesler managed to get Perry’s autograph -- and get in a jab about Perry being able to pay for his purchases after Kesler took an entire rack of gourmet popcorn from the stand.

Kesler also holds some funny signs up against the glass during warmups and gets some great reactions when he reveals his identity during a trip to the team store.


Prepare to laugh.

The Ducks, incidentally, are in Florida and will finish a four-game trip Saturday at Tampa.

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