Roger Staubach makes NFL chief Roger Goodell laugh -- at a concussion joke [Video]

Roger Staubach suffered multiple concussions while playing in the NFL.

That's not funny. But Staubach make a joke about it during his speech Tuesday night at the National Football Foundation dinner in New York City anyway.

And Roger Goodell laughed.

An audible groan arose from the crowd after Staubach's quip, but some people can be seen chuckling away. The commissioner is one of them.

Staubach also told the crowd that Goodell had approved the joke about a topic that just happens to be a huge dark cloud looming over his league.

A three-judge panel is expected to rule early next year on a players' appeal of a $1-billion settlement from the NFL to address concussion-linked injuries.

Staubach retired from football following the 1979 season, soon after suffering a concussion that he has said "wasn’t like my normal bad concussion." He even turned down a lucrative offer to play for two more years.

The legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback reportedly isn't showing any signs of negative effects from his concussions.


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